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Stock Control

Finally a solution that puts you in control of your inventory

So often you talk to retailers who are struggling to manage and control their retail stock. The problems they are having with stock are generally

• Not having enough of the stock they need and having to much of the stock customer don't want
• Stock being damaged, stolen or lost
• Inability to find where the stock is in the store or warehouse
• Unreliable stock level data
• Inability to access information on their stock levels

So what is the solution in terms of stock control software?

Good stock control is about the right system combined with the right disciplines

The point is, if you want to control your stock then you need to have stock control software that forces you and your staff to follow the rules while making the followig of these rules as efficient as possilble. For example some systems allows users to sell stock that the system does not know exists which takes the stock levels in to negative values. The moment a system allows negative stock levels then you can no longer trust the stock levels in the system. PBSA POS is a stock control system that provides the efficient tools while having stock control disciplines at its core.

What are the key components of a good stock control software system?

A. Easy to use comprehensive product management tools
This includes flexible pricing, category/department classification,  support for customer specific pricing and powerful re-pricing tools to make the management of your margins as simple as possible

B. Purchase order generation and management tools
Whether you have a small or large product range tools that show stock that has hit re-order levels and other stock level and purchase order integration tools are vital in a good stock control software solution.

C. Incoming goods
Ability to select the linked purchase order, support for back orders and purchase order adjustments are all important. Another great feature in the PBSAPOS stock control software solution was the ability to adjust the fixed retail price via the incoming goods screen. There also needs to be support for supplier returns.

D. Stock take and stock adjustments
As stock is lost or damaged or moved between locations you need tools to make the stock adjustments to ensure your system remains accurate.  In addition a simple to use stock take module is imperative in any good stock control software solution.

E. Stock Reports
It is imperative that you have reports on stock movement, stock sales margins, stock that needs re-ordering, stock take reports, stock that is expiring (vital for fresh produce stores) and stock that is not moving

These are just some of the important features you need to consider when you look at stock control software

The other aspect is that no matter how good the stock control software, it is the user who has to manage the system. This requires discipline to input stock adjustments, to input movement of stock between locations and incoming goods procedures to ensure that what was ordered actually arrived. This is your responsibility.

I wish you all the best of success with managing your inventory.

If you are looking for a solid  stock control software solution then PBSAPOS is what you have been looking for.


Review the modules or give us a call and arrange a remote demonstration. Take control of your stock today!

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