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Recommended Specification for PBSA POS software

PBSAPOS Software has two components, PBSAPOS Server and PBSAPOS Client.

Server specifications
PBSAPOS server will install MS SQL server express on one PC within your network.
This PC needs one of the following operating systems, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
We also support installation on Windows Server.
Our minimum recommendation is a quad core i3 processor with 8 GB of RAM or higher for better performance.
If you have more than 2 terminals/PC clients using PBSAPOS we recommend that the server machine is upgraded to a faster processor and further RAM..

PBSA POS client
PBSAPOS client software will run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, we recommend a minimum of 4GB Ram higher for better performance.

Thermal Receipt Printers
Thermal printers need to support TM-88 and need to be installed as a Windows Printer

Note: Both MS SQL server express and the PBSA POS client can operate on the one PC such as a touch screen terminal or standalone PC.

An Internet connection is required to validate your license and also to receive remote support. Connection speed minimum requirements is 128KB up and down for remote support.

PBSA gives no guarantee in relation to the suitability or reliability of your computer hardware to run the PBSA POS software. In addition PBSA does not provide any guarantee in relation to your network devices, the usage of remote desktop, terminal services, VPN, routers, switches, internet connections, network security, anti-virus software, email servers, web servers including Blue Central web and VPS servers or any other hardware, operating system or non SOFTWARE PRODUCT issue. It is your responsibility to resolve any of these issues.  In the event that PBSA does supply hardware the warranty for this hardware resides with the manufacturer or their Australian representative.














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