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PBSA POS - Warehouse POS System

The warehouse module is focused on providing the advanced inventory tools a warehouse requires to manage their operations

Unlimited Pricing Matrix
The PBSA POS system supports multiple pricing levels, volume pricing and pricing rules such as fixed, purchase cost plus a dollar value or margin percentage, base level pricing and more.

Contract Pricing
In addition to pricing levels PBSA POS enables specific pricing for certain products to be set for an individual customers.

Sales orders
The sales order screen in PBSA POS provides the user with access to product pricing, margin levels, customer account ageing details and more to enable them to efficiently record a wholesale order. The system also supports sales-order templates which can be used to populate a sales orders with line items and quantities that a customer orders all the time so that all you need to do is adjust the quantities.

Multiple stock and bin locations
Each product in the PBSA POS system can have multiple stock and bin locations. This includes the ability to set a default bin/shelf location and a preferential order on other bin locations 


Stock movement tracking
The advanced inventory module includes tools to efficiently record the movement of stock. For example a delivery may be received to your bulk location and then loaded in to the stock location transfer section and moved to the relevant bin locations 

Order dispatch
The sales command centre is a powerful resource that our wholesale customers love. From this one screen you can see all your orders and their the status. The list can be filtered via; date required range, customer, product, stock location and delivery run.

Delivery zones and runs
Delivery zones and runs sub module is an add on module to the advanced inventory module. This module provides the order dispatch management staff with tools to view zones and runs visually, they can also adjust and print delivery manifests and other required documentation.

CRM and sales orders
If you have an outbound telesales team who phone customers on a routine basis to take orders over the phone, the CRM, sales lead module includes the ability to automatically generate phone tasks based on this schedule. This can greatly improve the effectiveness of your sales team.

There is a lot more to the warehouse module that is best shown via a remote demonstration. To find out more email sales@pbsapos.com.au or call on the number at the top of this page.











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Full Integration with MYOB
Want better stock control, sales lead management and ecommerce while still using MYOB for GL and Payroll. Get the best of everything.

PBSAPOS exports to MYOB to make managing your business easier.

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