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Marketing today is about knowing your customers and then making them aware of the products that can meet their needs.

The PBSA POS system helps you acheive the above objective through enabling the tracking of customer purchae history combined with additional customer profiling tools. The marketing campaigns tool then use this information to enable you to generate targeted marketing offers for your customers.

What is customer profiling?
This is simply knowing what your customers like through segmenting them in to various groups via attributes combined with tracking their purchase history.

The PBSA POS marketing campaign tool then enables you to bring back a group of customer who have certain attributes and who have purchased a particular product or range of products during a selected period.

For example, lets say that I was running a fishing shop and I wanted to send a marketing campaign to all fishing charter operators who used fresh water lures. In the PBSA POS marketing campaign I would select all customer with the attribute "fishing charter" and who in the last 6 months had purchased any fresh water lure product. This would bring back a specific list of customers and then I would enter the email content and pictures of a range of lures that I wanted to make them aware of along with the pricing. I would then click the send button and all these customer would be sent the email campaign. This entire process would have only taken a few minutes to execute.

This ability to have an idea, selected the targeted customers, enter the offer details and click send in just minutes makes marketing an achievable activity for business owners. In addition your customers will value your emails as they see that they are always focused on products they are interested in, which prevents them marking your email as spam.
















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