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Inventory Control Software

Finally, an inventory control system that puts you in control of your inventory


Why is inventory management so important?

Inventory sitting in your store or in your warehouse is costing you money every minute it sits there. To boost profits, you therefore need to ensure you only carry the right quantity levels to meet your customer demands and that you eliminate stock loss, damage and general wastage as much as possible.

How does PBSA’s inventory control software help with inventory control?

1. Purchase orders - The purchase order module includes automated purchase order generation which uses the product re-order levels and re-order quantities.  View what stock requires ordering and with a click of your mouse generate your purchase order. Purchase orders can be emailed, faxed or printed from the software. 

2. Stock movement analysis - Managing stock is about having instant access to stock movement and sales data so that you can make informed decisions about what stock you need to order, what stock is not moving and sales trends analysis.

3. Pricing and margin management - The key to making money is ensuring you sell your stock for more than it is costing you. One key feature of PBSA POS that our customers love is our price and margin management tools that save business operators many hours each week. At the click of a button use our wizard and product margin views to adjust prices for multiple offerings in just seconds rather than hours.

4. Stock take and stock adjustments - Any solid inventory control system has tools that enable you to reconcile your stock and make one off adjustments. PBSA POS has simple and efficient tools to streamline this process.

5. Product builder  - Inventory control is not just about selling stock but is about putting you in control of how you sell. If you require the ability to make new products composed of other products or if you need to split something to make it in to multiple different items then the PBSA POS product builder is going to make life easy for you.

6.  Component products - A component product is one that is made on the fly from other items. It is similar to the product builder except that rather than pre-creating something, a component product pulls the components it is made up of at the time of sale. This feature is very powerful for any business that regularly sells a variety of items bundled together.

7. Product management - PBSA POS provides you will wizards to create products, enables you to copy, move or duplicate a product or category. You have grid views and re-pricing views to make management simple and efficient.


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