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Best Winery POS Software - Marketing

Keeping in touch with your wine club members, wholesale customers and general retail customers is an important part of Winery marketing today.

The PBSA POS software enables wineries to segment their customers via attributes so that they can then market specifically to club members, specific types of wholesale customers and retail customers. The marketing campaign module in PBSA POS enables the user to return targeted customer groups based on; product sales history, state & postcode and customer attributes.

The campaign process is very simple and enables users to create and send a targeted campaign in minutes. The process involves

Step 1. Select the targeted customer group based upon; customer attributes, product range purchase history and address location.

Step 2. Enter the offer email content.

Step 3. Send the campaign.

For example if I wanted to send an email campaign with a great offer to all club members who had previously purchased a certain range of wines in the past, I would select the product category or specific products, choose the attribute "Club members", then on the next screen enter the campaign content and offer, then click next to send out the campaign. It is that simple.

The key to success in marketing is being able to come up with an idea and then be able to quickly execute the campaign. This is the power you get with PBSA POS. 














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Full Integration with MYOB
Want better stock control, sales lead management and ecommerce while still using MYOB for GL and Payroll. Get the best of everything.

PBSAPOS exports to MYOB to make managing your business easier.

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