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PBSA POS - Wholesale Marketing

Marketing is all about moving with the market and getting the right offer in to the hands of the right people, at the right time.

The PBSA POS marketing module enables you to quickly extract a target list of customer based upon purchase history and customer groupings and then send out the email campaign in a matter of minutes.

The ease, speed and targeting are the key benefits that are of great value to today's wholesaler.

For example let's say you were running a water pump wholesale business and you have just received details on a new product that dramatically improves the performance of a certain range of water pumps.

So you think how can I get this information out to my customers and as a result get some orders in fast. In the PBSA POS marketing campaign tool you would select all customers with the attribute "pump retailers", who in the last 6 months had purchased any of the pumps that could have their performance improved by this new product. This would bring back a specific list of customers and then you would enter the content along with any pictures and pricing and click send. As a result in minutes all these customers would be sent the email campaign and then soon after the orders would come in via your online store, phone and fax. 

This is the power of the PBSA POS marketing module in the hands of the wholesaler.

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