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Seafood POS Software - Wholesale System

The PBSA system has been built to support the Seafood wholesaler who may also be doing retail.

The focus of the Seafood Wholesale system revolves around the wholesaler workflow which includes:

  1. Customer orders - Receiving and recording.
  2. Preparing the consolidated order requirements list.
  3. Going to market and then completing the cut up.
  4. Weighing, packing, labelling and boxing the seafood.
  5. Deliveries - Managing the runs.
  6. Dispatching the orders.
  7. Managing payment and customer accounts.

1. Customer orders - Receiving and recording.

Orders in PBSA POS can be received in a number of methods.

A. Your Staff/users can enter customer orders via PLU and quantity or by using customer order templates. An order template automatically populates the line items of an order, so that all your staff need to do is adjust the line quantities. During this process staff can access the customer card to view order history.

For seafood businesses that call your customers on a daily basis, the PBSA POS leads management module can automatically schedule pre-definded call times for them to follow.

B. Via an integrated online store customer can login via their computer or smart phone and place orders. These orders then automatically come in to the PBSA POS order management centre saving your staff time. The other key benefit is that your customers have access twenty four hours a day.

2. Preparing the consolidated order requirements list.
You can filter orders via date range in the PBSA POS sales command centre and print your consolidated order requirements list (cut up list). This report list the exact quantities required for each item/PLU/cut for the selected grouping of orders.

3. Going to market and completing the cut up.

Now you know your exact quantities required for your orders, your buyer can use this when they go to market. Once the seafood has arrived your staff just following the cut list and orders to prepare the seafood for packing.

4. Weighing, packing, labelling and boxing the order.

The touch screen system in PBSA POS has a label printing mode. In this mode the staff member opens the various orders and is able to weigh each line with a product label automatically printed so that it can be placed on the product package. As the items are packged, the staff member is also able to print out a customer address label to place on the box.

The labelling process supports standard product title; weight and price labels and barcode price inclusive labeling if you supply supermarkets or clients who resell your products. This type of labelling will automatically produce pricing with the customer mark-up displayed and included in the price inclusive barcode so that at your client point of sale they simply scan the product to charge their client their marked up price.

Product ingredient, product nutrition and recipe labels are also supported.

5. Deliveries - Managing the runs

Each customer can be linked by default with a zone/run. On a daily basis subject to the orders, each run can be adjusted, split or consolidated. This includes visually mapping the run layout and other features making the management of runs so much simpler.

6. Dispatching the orders

The PBSA POS sales command centre is integral to all the core aspects of managing orders. This includes the process of creating the invoice and dispatching the order.

7. Managing payments and customer accounts

PBSA POS has full debtor management including receiving customer payments, producing statements, customer returns and credit note

If you are a seafood business who needs to manage customer and wholesale orders
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