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Organic Store and  Deli POS System

Bulk Food Management

Many organic stores struggle with how they manage their bulk foods including the tracking of stock levels and the processing or retail sales.

PBSA POS has a complete solution

1. Scale integration at the point of sale

Customers bring their self served products to the front counter to be weighed. Staff simply place the item on the scale and press the relevant product button. PBSA POS gets the weight from the scale and calculates the price. If staff are not familiar with the various products the touch screen buttons can show pictures and a large image can be shown to the staff member for several seconds to help ensure they have chosen the correct product.

2. Customer self service

Customer can self serve their own bulk products, place them on a scale and print out a label with the title and weight that can be scanned by staff at the front counter. The touch screen interface is very easy to use with clear instructions for the customer to follow.

3. Bulk repackaging including label printing with country of origin

PBSA POS has a special repacking module where staff can weigh the packaged item and the software detects the weight on the scale and prints our a price inclusive barcode label that includes the weight, price per kilo, packed date, best before and the total price.

4. Bulk Foods stock tracking

No matter how your customers purchase bulk goods everything is tracked in terms of the stock levels. Self dispensed goods, self labelled and prepackaged goods, even if they are at different price levels all pull from the core base stock level. You can even create production recipes that all consume and pull the stock from your core bulk items. 

If you need advice on how to manage your bulk goods then give us a call and email us at sales@pbsapos.com.au

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Full Integration with MYOB
Want better stock control, sales lead management and ecommerce while still using MYOB for GL and Payroll. Get the best of everything.

PBSAPOS exports to MYOB to make managing your business easier.

Full Integration with Xero
Love the ease of using Xero for GL and Payroll but need an easy to use POS with strong stock control PBSA POS has you covered

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