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Butcher POS Software - Stock Control

There is no one size fits all approach to how butcheries implements stock control. The PBSA Butcher POS system provides business owners with the flexibility to implement the approach that works best for them. The objective at the end of the day is to ensure you have prepared the right stock levels to meet consumer demand and that you minimise mistakes and wastage.

How to determine the right stock levels for the next day(s) or weeks trade

Many butchers determine what stock items (PLU's) to prepare based on gut feel and experience. The benefit with the PBSA POS Butcher System is that it is so quick and  easy to review historic sales volume from yesterday, last week, last month, this time last year, which provdies the data you need to make better decisions. 

Why track stock levels

  1. So you know instantly and accurately how much stock you have.
  2. So you know the cost price for your stock which then enables you to monitor your gross profit.
  3. Decrease wastage including meat and consumables including packaging.
  4. Customer orders - when you have a customer on the phone you can see your exact stock levels so that you know your capacity to supply.

Tracking stock levels - the options

In PBSA Butcher POS you can choose what products you want to track and which ones you do not. So for a small butcher they may choose to not track stock levels at all or choose to only track certain items such as pre-packaged cuts or jars of sauce. The beauty here is the flexibility to choose what you track and what you do not.

Note: Even with tracking stock levels disabled, you still have access to all the sale volume data at the click of your finger.

Incoming Goods

To receive stock in to the system the butcher uses the Butcher POS system incoming goods module to simply receive the items in to stock. Now as sales take place for items that have tracking stock levels enabled, the stock is automatically allocated and consumed.

Product Builder Templates

For the butcher who wants to track the conversion from full carcass through to actual meat cuts the product builder simplfies this process. You can select a carcass and split this in to the various PLU quantities and then save this as a template. The next time you go to complete the conversion from body carcass to PLU's you can bring up any past saved templates and use the same cut up quantities or slightly adjust them.

Component Products

In PBSA Butcher POS you have the ability to set up a product that when sold automatically consumes a quantity / percentage of another product or product(s). This enables the butcher to set up a particular cut of meat, which when it is sold consumes a percentage of another product such as a shoulder, side or whole animal carcass. The benefit of this approach is that it removes the need to convert/split a carcass at the time of cut up while still providing stock level tracking at the level of the core product such as the carcass or side of meat.


The most important thing, at the end of the day is that PBSA POS provides the butcher with the right butcher point of sale system and the freedom to choose what products they want to track or not track and how they wants to track them.

The best way to understand the tracking stock level options is to call or email to request a remote demonstration of PBSA Butcher POS  





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