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Butcher POS Software - Retail Sales

Butcher Retail Sales - So easy to use

The sales process is fast and efficient with each product displayed as a nice large button with the product title displayed. On selecting the product the weight is read from the scales and added to the current scale.

Each sale is linked with the current logged in staff member with the system supporting automatic staff selection via RFI wrist bands. Once the staff member is selected, all the items in the current sale are shown and new items can be added and/or payment taken. If the payment is via credit card the Butcher POS Software speaks to your EFTPOS machine passing the value of the sale.

Touch Screen setup.

One of the big advantages of the system is the ease of managing PLU's (products) and their display on the touch screen. Using the visual management tools a product can be created then linked to a screen and button colour set in seconds. There is no limitation on the number of products with 48 products shown per screen and the unlimited ability to link to second level screens of product categories. Gone are the days of having to remember PLU numbers, or following long code pressing sequences on the scales to edit a product.

The best ways to see how easy this process can be is call or email us to arrange a remote demonstration of the PBSA Butcher POS system. Next




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Full Integration with MYOB
Want better stock control, sales lead management and ecommerce while still using MYOB for GL and Payroll. Get the best of everything.

PBSAPOS exports to MYOB to make managing your business easier.

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