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Butcher POS Software - Online Store

How much could your business and your customers benefit if they could go online via computer or smart phone and place an order 24 hours a day?

We have butchers and other fresh produce suppliers who are aquiring new customers and who are keeping their current customers happy with an integrated online store. 

In terms of an online store the problem for butchers is that they do not know how and/or they do not have the time to invest in setting up and managing on online store. Its all to hard.

butcher posThe beauty of the PBSA POS system is that the software does it all automatically for you.

All you have to do is prepare the order for pickup or dispatch, it is that simple.

How does it all work

As you do your standard daily work to create products and edit prices, these changes are automatically adjusted on your web site. Customer then go to your web site on their computer or access your web application on their smart phone, view your products and submit orders with the option to pay via credit card, on pickup or delivery.

Once the order has been submitted this comes in to the PBSA Butcher POS sales command centre where your butchers prepare the order just like any other order. The order can be delivered or the customer can quickly drop in on their way home from work or school to pick up the order you have all ready for them. Your customers will love you.

It is that simple.

For wholesalers when their customers login to the web site they see their price levels, previous orders and can access their order templates so that a chef at 2am in the morning can login, adjust their standard order and click submit in a matter of a few minutes.

No more replaying the answering machine 10 or 20 times as you try and record their order, it has been all done for you

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Clients benefiting from PBSA POS

Full Integration with MYOB
Want better stock control, sales lead management and ecommerce while still using MYOB for GL and Payroll. Get the best of everything.

PBSAPOS exports to MYOB to make managing your business easier.

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